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Overall Quality product!

May 11, 2013 by Larry

I've been working with MyGunDB for about 5 months and find it to be the perfect companion to my gun safe. Yup, it records everything in the safe plus all my ammo in another safe. Easy to use, I love the Dropbox feature as I use this on my Mac and pc. Depends where I am working in the house. I am now using this to record my reload data, beats my old spiral notebook! Excellent support too! That in itself is worth the cost of the application!! Thanks Alan!

May 05, 2013 by Christopher

On the fence.. I love the idea of it, and wanted to try it for the 10 gun trail. The issue I am having is I have uploaded and tried to store the 10 limit, but I currently have 6 and keeps coming up with an error message saying I have reached my 10 gun limits?? I don't get it? I like the idea, but seems like I am having issues with the trail version which will probaly keep me from buying the full version.

Response: Sounds like you have deleted firearms, which need to be reused as they count toward total due to making sure Changelog entries are correct. Sending email to help you with that.


Apr 04, 2013 by Dennis

Love the PC version. It really helps with a large collection and works well for tracking costs and gun values.....and I think I would love the Iphone app if I could get it to sync. If you have time, please email me as I could use the help. I even activated the drop box thing but am only able to see pics of the guns, not utilize the Mygun DB app.


Mar 29, 2013 by ken D

Down loaded them IPAD version. When I click to open it take me to password screen, but It hasn't had be create a password yet, so I have no idea on what to us. Only thing on the screen is the box to enter your password and an OK button, no instructions, or FAQ, or help. what is wrong with this app? I really want to use it.

Response: I\'m sorry you are having an issue with the password -- I\'m not sure how that\'s possible as the only way a password could be set is if it was set through the program. The mobile app doesn\'t use an encrypted database yet, the program itself checks for a stored password. I am emailing you directly so we can get this resolved. **Note: email sent to this user bounces so I am unable to reach them just yet**

Compared with others

Mar 17, 2013 by Jason P

I downloaded the free version to try it out along with gunmanager. I haven't done alot of input onto either one but I'm going with MyGunDB. The reason I like it better is that every forum that I went to in trying to find gun inventory software I found the owner of this one helping out even telling about the other programs. I also like the fact that there is a facebook page & updates are happening all the time. I'm sure that I will have a few things I don't like but from what I've seen it looks good.

Mar 15, 2013 by Bryan

This program is great and is the best out there. I went through the web looking for spreadsheets and could not find anything that was right for the job. The program is easy to use, has a ton of features like being password protected, different ways to search reports, etc. I really cannot imagine anyone who is serious about guns, not falling in love with the program. God bless the author who made this software possible.


Mar 05, 2013 by Bobby Hamby

I have downloaded the free version to try out. I love the way it looks and works. But before I buy the full version, I would like to suggest some improvements.
1st is the reports; I would like to print an inventory report with the information for each item plus the notes I have added and a picture of that gun, this is very important to me.
The 2nd thing is to be able to add notes to each picture, this would be great to add notes for marking of a gun.
The 3dr is to have the ability to add a few custom fields in the General category section or purchased/sold section, I would like to add field for inherited and gifted firearms.
There is another program that has these features, but I don’t like that program as much as I like My Gun DB. Is there any way these suggestions may be added? I do like this program better than any I have seen. I think with a these improvements, it will be the best. Thank You

Response: Absolutely -- All the above are being worked on, actually (well, #3 may be in a separate tab, but I\'m seeing what I can do). No ETA yet, but I\'m working on it!


Mar 04, 2013 by HF Gemperline

I just started my test drive and had a burp. Contacted the creator of this program. Burp was fixed within the hour. Gotta love it

Very promising

Feb 26, 2013 by Eric K

So far I have entered a few guns into my trial version while I test drive the program. Sent an email for support but thought I would add it here in case there is something everyone could learn. When importing to my android tablet I keep getting my list duplicated. Probably doing something wrong. The binder view is great for the C&R tracking. Have a few lines I wish I could delete that seem to be entered in error by the system but this program seems to pretty good and once I get more comfortable with it I may find there are already fixes for what I may be doing wrong.


Feb 25, 2013 by Joshua Frost

I would 2nd that Dropbox request. I run my entire business using it.

4.6 5.0 28 28 I've been working with MyGunDB for about 5 months and find it to be the perfect companion to my gun safe. Yup, it records everything in the safe plus all my ammo in another safe. E Reviews