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Very few of us leave our firearms out in the open where they can be easily stolen, damaged, or mishandled, and yet too many people leave their paperwork and boundbooks out where the same can happen.  You lock your firearms in a gun safe, so why not store your data just as securely with added protection that hardcopy paperwork can’t offer?

Your MyGunDB database, which is kept on your computer and encrypted, can only be opened using your password.  Nobody can see your data, just like nobody can see what is stored in your locked gun safe. No data you enter into it leaves your computer. While that is the same as putting your hardcopy into a safe, it offers much more.  If your computer is replaced, or the dog eats the thumbdrive you backed up your data to, what then?

MyGunDB allows you to create multiple backups, Just In Case.  You can backup your data to a thumbdrive, a CD, your Dropbox account or another computer in your house — your encrypted data can then be restored and you are back in business. If you are away on vacation and your house was broken into, you could connect to your Dropbox account and grab your backup and send a copy to your Insurance company right away, for example. Sure beats waiting till you get home and then digging out the paperwork.

Compare that to what you’d do if the dog ate your loose leaf binder instead. stores no data — the application does not interact with the site except to check for updates.  Everything you type into the program stays right where it is — close at hand and yet protected from prying eyes.

The application is signed with a Code Signing cert, which verifies my identity due to the vetting process required (Driver’s license, utility bills, phone call to verify my phone number, etc).  If anyone makes any alteration to the program, the security protocols due to the cert will warn you.  If the program is used for anything malicious, the cert authority can Revoke the cert at any time — The system is designed to protect the end user.

MyGunDB – the second gun safe you need.