* Changes to registration key backend
* Dropbox integration fixed
* Logging checkbox added to Settings page
* Added UPC field for Factory ammo, firearms and reloading components to let you populate fields when 
adding item if an item already exists with that UPC
* Holsters can now be linked to multiple firearms
* You can now sync between desktop and mobile using Dropbox without having to move files around
* Backups and Restores of Database can now be done through Dropbox
* Tweaked startup

* Added tab for reloading components – will eventually become part of a separate Addon
* Added Rangelog tab – will eventually become part of a separate Addon
* Various tweaks
* Copied Change FFL Image buttons to Transfer tabs as well
* Added IDPA score tracking – will eventually become part of a separate Addon
* Made selected row in data grids Green to be easier to to see
* Shipping field now in Bought From section
* Added ability to print Description field as Notes on Inventory report

* Added Documentation tab – Lets you use Notes, Misc and History text fields and add any files you want linked to a firearm (reciepts, manuals, whatever)
* Serial field highlighted properly
* Clicking accessory on General tab opens Accessory tab properly
* The Person field in Searches now also searches Owner and not just the Bought From and Sold To names
* Removed rotating ad from Deals tab
* Right clicking the Subtract ammo button on Ammo tab now will ADD ammo instead (and not modify round count for firearm)
* You can now set to have the Identifier filed sorted Alphabetically (default) or Numerically, depending on how you wish to use it.
* You can now set a different currency symbol other than $
* Can select to use a ; instead of a , to separate multiple calibers for a firearm
* You can now sort by Serial
* Accessories now have a Location box to list where it’s stored
* You can now select to view only Personal firearms, Business firearms or both when doing reports.
* Can now skip first line when importing .csv file, in case it’s a Header line
* You can now export a .csv file of your Ammo inventory
* Accessory images copy over correctly when syncing from Mobile
* You can now filter to show only firearms with a past due maintenance date
* Fixed bug where free users could import more than 10 firearms in Free version
* Maintenance tab grid now sorts by Date properly
* Setting a date using Date Fields no longer deselects current firearm


  • Free users can have 10 firearms, not 11 like the program was allowing
  • Fixed BATF Changes Report to be under A&D Reports, and to display the proper report now
  • Check for Update added to Help menu
  • HQ Print option moved to Reports screen
  • <Wish I had something witty to put here>
  • Finish percentage defaults to 100% for new firearms instead of 0%.
  • Warning pops up for Beta users to tell them to set a new password due to encryption changes. Stops appearing once they have done so.
  • Phone numbers settable in Purchase/Sale tab
  • BATF report no longer available with Basic Registration
  • Ammo tab now has a box to let you subtract from selected ammo and add to round count at same time.


  • Small of Back, Pocket and Drop Leg added as holster types
  • Delete Holster button fixed
  • Holster Desc field displays properly now
  • Filter Consignment firearms
  • New Consignment filters displays Consignment firearms In or Out.
  • Normal filters no longer include consignment firearms.
  • Deleted firearms are now merely hidden — they can be undeleted. Use Deleted filter to view them.
  • Inventory reports do NOT list all ATF changes as they previously did; instead that’s a separate report option.


  • Shotgun and Relaoded shotgun added to Ammo tab
  • Various tweaks
  • Added Action under Stats tab for firearms
  • Red border around image on general tab when looking at a Sold firearm
  • Clone button added
  • Added ability to have accessories not tied to a specific firearm


  • SMall of Back, Pocket and Drop Leg added as holster types
  • Delete Holster button fixed
  • Holster Desc field displays properly now
  • Filter Consignment firearms
  • New Consignment filters displays Consignment firearms In or Out.
  • Walk like an Egyptian
  • Normal filters no longer include consignment firearms.
  • Delted firearms are now merely hidden — they can be undeleted. Use Deleted filter to view them.
  • Inventory reports do NOT list all ATF changes as they previously did; instead that’s a separate report option.
  • Images backend overhauled
  • Open Folder button lets you open the Pictures folder so you can drop in new pics
  • Check For Update button lets you know if there is no update available
  • Go Go Super Gorilla Powers!
  • Various tweaks to reduce DB calls and whatnot


  • DB location setting re-enabled
  • Changes to images to work with DB location setting
  • Various tweaks
  • Popup notification text display fixed
  • Can now sort inventory list ascending or descending
  • Can now search for person’s name to pull up firearms bought from or sold to person
  • Beginings of Basic version framework implemented — lower tier version as an option for users which will disable certain tabs, along with certain reports.
  • Woodchuck chucking wood equation solved for both unionized and non-union labor
  • Sort by dates in Inventory list and Maint tab fixed
  • Systray icon now appears – has option to reset window size to default
  • Splashscreen centers properly when window is not default size

v1.70 Setting DB location removed until next main release to allow this version to come out with fixes, by popular request

  • Various fixes to the Holster tab
  • Math fixed for general tab (damn floating point math)
  • Certain notifications are now Growl-type notifications
  • Maint tab has Edit function
  • Maximized state persistant again
  • They may have built this city on rock and roll, but I built this app on Red Bulls.
  • Shouldn’t be issues with using ‘ in a Buiness name anymore
  • Random tweaks
  • Fixed Inventory ‘jumping’ when selecting item beyond first page of entries
  • Double clicking grid items switches to edit mode
  • CVS import fields now have easier to understand names
  • Can’t search if you have Changes pending.


  • Fixed Holster dropdown pre-population
  • Fixed Holster data display


  • Enter now triggers on the Add Rounds Fired Count textbox.
  • Fixed adding suppressor tax stamp
  • Window size persistant — again.
  • Email function now includes firearm stats stuff
  • Current Values added to General tab Other section
  • Ammo cheatsheet count fixed
  • More tweaks than you can shake a stick at
  • .CSV input allows you to set the field order before import – I’ll add further functionality down the road.
  • Email function fixed
  • Holsters tab working – still needs tweaking
  • Acquisition/Acquired typo fixed
  • Basic maint data section added to etc tab
  • General tab image not displaying after newly set until app restart fixed
  • Selection amd Rollover colors for datagrids are darker


  • Ammo caliber matching for cheatsheet is not case sensitive.
  • NFA ownership data no longer toggles between None and selected NFA type when clicking firearm multiple times.
  • Tax Stamps added for NFA firearms
  • <Insert something witty here>
  • You can now have an accessory’s price count towards the firearm price instead of accessories price (when building an AR, for example)
  • Search now case insensitive and includes wildcards on both ends of the data
  • Renamed Import to Restore DB and made it only allow .ifs files to be restored
  • Search button on Inventory grid fixed
  • Track rounds fired count for firearms – will implement further functionality later on
  • Various tweaks


  • Accessories show proper data when Added, edited and saved without clicking another item.
  • Accessory types pre-populate now with data from other accessories
  • C&R shouldn’t be blocked by Edit button any more.
  • NFA section changed to add Full Auto to top section, since if it’s FA, the other top options don’t matter
  • Fixed click scrolling in Inventory and Accessories lists
  • Manually backedup databases should now be able to be renamed.
  • Maximized state is persistant
  • Accessory images fixed.
  • You can get anything you want at Alice’s resturant. Except for Alice.
  • Ammo case type display fixed
  • Lots of backend tweaking
  • AND… released the day before I take a week of homecation. Sweet.


  • Accessories price now is per item — if you have 3 of a particular accessory and the price is 10, General tab will show it as 30 when totaling it.
  • Ammo tab has a Clear Fields button
  • Ammo count sort now sorts properly.
  • App stores it’s size on exit and restores it on restart
  • RSS feeds removed from General tab
  • Factory ammo has a price field
  • Ammo and Accessories tabs have an Edit mode to clean up the interface and let you see a longer list of items when not editing.
  • Due to a decrease in supply, Unicorns not included
  • General tab now lists accessories for quick viewing
  • General Tab now gives ammo counts for matching caliber and per bullet type
  • Major Backend overhaul for performance
  • Pops up notification if your state or federal license is expired on start
  • NFA section redone
  • Ammo bullet type dropdowns are pre-populated
  • Ammo grid display doesn’t display empty data in the grid fields for Bullet Info and Aditional Data
  • You can now select to display only ammo from inventory that matches caliber of current gun.
  • Pretty sure I fixed the ‘images being set for the wrong item’ bug.
  • Add for Ammo now makes empty ammo entry if in View mode or uses data in text fields if in Edit mode.
  • Add for accesories makes an Emtpy entry if in View mode, or uses field data if in Edit mode


  • Ammo tab functional
  • Incorrect image set on general tab should be fixed.
  • Default prices on general tab now show $0.00 when empty
  • Backend Tweaks
  • Disabled Range Log and Etc tabs removed to avoid confusion until they are finished.
  • User awesomeness increased 17%
  • Backend for upcoming Holster tab begun
  • Accessories now show total value on General tab
  • Accessories now have a current value field
  • Owned checkbox on General tab moved so as to not be over written by long firearm data
  • General tab Other Data panel now lists Purchase price of firearm, total price for accessories and total invested (which sums them together). Later I’ll make display use “Appraised” and “Current Value” instead. Might get rid of the Forums/Gunsamerica box and put more stats there. Still deciding.


  • Add New on accessories selects and scrolls to the right item no matter what screen size.
  • Fixed keyboard nav in Accessories datagrid
  • Fixed percentage slider/stepper rounding issue.
  • Fixed dropdown Business name boxes when empty to not list [item][item]
  • Fixed problem of Business name dropdown not being populated until clicking another firearm
  • New logo!
  • Ammo tab is now available — factory and reloaded ammo data
  • @MyGunDB tweets RSS feed changed to the recent forum posts feed instead.
  • Adding a new accessory fills in the count with 1 by default and selects the Item field by default for when you start typing.
  • Add Accessory button will add a new accessory using data in the fields on that screen. This can let you clone  items.
  • Fixed: Once registered you’ll be registered even offline
  • AMMO TAB IS NOT FUNCTIONAL — Just previewing the appearance


  • Delete button for accessories picture works
  • Export to .CSV now handles fields with newline chars in it.
  • CR box on search page displays ‘No’ as default.


  • Tweaks to registration system
  • Tweaks to how Beta users are detected
  • Splashscreen added (still need a good banner graphic though)
  • RSS feeds use 10 min timer
  • Help menu option changed to point to the Help webpage
  • You can add an image for accessories


  • Fixed Main Image setting Adding new accessory selects the newly added accessory.
  • Random backend tweaks
  • Fixed Sort by Current Value
  • Tabs reordered
  • Consignment checkbox functional — reports/filter do NOT use it yet. For future use
  • Stock type added to General Tab view
  • Registration system implemented


  • First image added for a firearm gets set as the default image.
  • Cancel button now switches to View mode for General tab. Yeah, that annoyed me too.
  • SBR and DD added to NFA items.
  • Accessories tab
  • Clear button added to search tab
  • Left padding reduced in reports
  • Manuals can be any file type, not just PDF (I.E. HTML, .jpg, etc)
  • Random backend fixes/tweaks
  • I got a sun tan as proof I go outside
  • .CVS Import/Export


  • Selecting Business name sets fields
  • Resizable — not everything works as intended yet with resizing but it’s a start!
  • Audit system in place — changing fields required by ATF for A&D reports will create a log entry to be displayed in A&D reports.
  • Stats count for firearms now only shows stats for Owned firearms
  • Save system – you now need to click Save to save your changes when editing the General tab or the P/S tab data


  • Sort is now persistant
  • Trans# field for purchaser on P/S tab fixed
  • Fixed issue where Set Secondary backup button wasn’t clickable
  • Added backup option “Every Startup”
  • Sold To name field fixed
  • Reports working – A&D report is NOT ATF compliant (nor pretty yet), until I finish the Audit system.* Finish percentage corrected so it saves
  • Various backend fixes


  • Arrowkeys in inventry list added
  • Comboboxes populated with a blank entry
  • Dropbox OAuth functionality is back!  Dropbox made an exception for MGDB and approved it for API usage.
  • Trigger Pull field in Stats.


  • RSS Feeds should now handle being offline  without throwing an error
  • Serial search fixed
  • Inventory report fields corrected
  • Backend Changes
  • Filenames for images are now filtered for special characters
  • After selecting an image to add, if you add another it will default to the previous location


  • Dropbox OAuth removed due to Dropbox’s policy change.  You can now set a location to backup to, so if you use the Dropbox client you can still have its functionality.  Dropbox only approves API usage for mobile apps and not desktop ones anymore.


  • New inventory sort options added
  • FIND button selects correct Tab
  • RSS reading implemented for later implementation of RSS monitoring for Wishlist firearms
  • Encryption no longer tied to database location to generate encryption key – Code still exists to make it an optional feature later. It IS tied to the filename of the database now.
  • Toggle between @MyGunDB tweets or RSS feed through setting menu
  • New option – Timeout. If you have a password set, you can set the inactivity timeout, in minutes, before it requires your password to unlock. Sill in progress (menus are stil accessible currently)

v0.82 * Fix for the auto update system – Should now work again! v0.81

  • Dropbox now uses UAuth — no Dropbox password needed anymore
  • backup runs at start instead of at exit
  • Added fields: OAL, Country of Manufacture, Suppressor, AOW, SBS, Full Auto, plus a small random note field for each NFA item.
  • Various tweaking


  • Serial in Inv list is settable
  • Various picture system fixes
  • Pre-populated Comboboxes fixed
  • Thank You list for donators in About box


  • Fixes an image issue, you need to redo your images.
  • Additional fixes to image system


  • Fixed combobox issue where boxes weren’t cleared properly when using Add New button after editing a previous new firearm
  • Inventory list can be sorted — more to be added later
  • Images now copied to Library folder
  • Developer sleep factor divided by half
  • Manual now copied to library folder