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Welcome To MyGunDB!

What is Intelligent Firearm Solutions, LLC.?

IFS LLC is a Veteran Owned company formed to develop firearm related software.  MyGunDB and MyGunDB Go are the flagship products but range log apps, ammo apps, competition tracking apps and more are in development.

Who am I?

My name is Alan Ellis and I live up here in the north with my wife Dayna, my son Marc and my dog Maggie (and my fiance’s two wannabe cats), in NH.  I now work as a programmer developing MyGunDB, and related apps, as my full time job.  My time as an Infantryman in the Army, 9 years of experience helping to run a Customer Service department of a major internet infrastructure company and having been a programmer before have provided me the skillset needed to create MyGunDB and make it, with the help of our users, the #1 inventory software for firearm collectors.

How did MyGunDB get its name?

I kept going “Man, I need to think of a name for my gun database”, “what should we call my gun database”, “want to try out my gun database?” — after awhile it stuck.  Not very creative, I admit, but it says what it is!

How did I end up creating MyGunDB?

There’s an interview with me that GunLink.info did for SHOT Show that goes into detail. It ended up being for an $80 Mosin Nagant 91/30 that I wanted (and hadn’t even ordered at the time).

Thanks to the amazing support of the community, MyGunDB continued growing into the commercial product it has become.  I can not take all the credit though as it has been built on 95% user feedback — without you, the public, MyGunDB could not have grown to it’s current 100,000+ users.

Follow my personal accounts on Twitter as @Wolfrage, and on Facebook